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About Our Company

Who are we?

We are a bunch of financial services professionals with deep technology background & decades of experience in building as well as implementing business solution systems across financial services organisations. Our experience in working in as actual end users as well as project consultants across diverse environments and projects has enabled us to come to the conclusion that the most sustainable business solutions that work in the industry are powered by:

  • Good domain understanding
  • Ability to visualize the possible scenarios & issues faced by actual users
  • Simplicity of design.

What is our mission?

Making available business solutions that can easily integrate into any financial eco system as a service.

Who are our target segments?

Financial services in India - especially those in lending, insurance, broking and other services are our main target segments.
However, our products do have universal applicability across industries. E.g. e-contracts can be executed across diverse industries.

Experience the power of the xtendSUITE, and explore a nimble way to xtend efficiency & effectiveness of your backend teams.

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