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The future of all contracts acceptance is digital, and xtendCONTRACT is our product for the same, xtendCONTRACT enables you to :

  • Present legal contracts to your customers for acceptance such as :
  • Loan Agreements
  • General Agreements among others
  • Present non-legal contracts to your customers such as :
  • Application Forms among others
  • Presenting multiple modes of acceptance to your customers such as :
  • OTP confirmation
  • Aadhar backed signature
  • Non-Aadhar digital signatures among others
  • Presenting option for internal signatories to sign the document using:
  • Digital signatures - without dongles
  • Digital signatures - with dongles
  • Enabling of inventory & logistics for stamp papers required for legal contracts
  • Auto-allocation and stitching of stamp papers & relevant agreements for customer presentation
  • Enabling e-stamping option online.
Connect with us, and we will work with you to enable you to xtend your reach for your customers as well as partners to get on the e-contract journey.

All organisations have multiple versions of truth (read as source of systems) that they want to reconcile against and arrive at a common version of truth. These multiple sources could be internal vs external (bank recon) or between internal systems (GL recon) or in some cases external vs external.
Whatever the case, reconciliations provide an assurance that inspite of dealing with high volumes and complex business data processing computations, the organization is able to have a common version of truth.

xtendRECON is a flexible reconciliation platform that enables you to :
  • Enable reconciliation at the speed of light with two comparable datasets (even if voluminous) and present the unmatched results.
  • Enables you to manually match the unmatched results with audit & comments.
  • Enabling with daywise control using both balances and transactions.
  • Reconciliation setup & functionalities geared up for the 2 most common reconciliation sets:
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • GL Reconciliations

Every organization uses core transaction systems to run their businesses. A lot of business logic & computation is embedded in these systems, and are subject to frequent changes due to evolving market needs or regulatory changes, especially in the financial services world.
While a lot of change management in ensuring that these systems are in line, and key computations are taken care of, operations & compliance teams need a secondary assurance that they have the overall insights on the data, and they are in a position to cross-verify some of these computations.

xtendASSURE is a platform that enables you to :
  • Setup the quality or assurance checks that you need to perform on your data sets extracted from your core systems.
  • Run the quality or assurance checks on the voluminous data sets across days/months or even years in a relatively shorter time.
  • Report the gaps in the data sets or compliances that need to be addressed till closure.

Whether you are :

  • A lending organization looking to collect your EMIs from your customer, OR
  • An insurance organization collecting your insurance premium from your customer OR
  • A mutual funds looking to collect the money for the SIPs setup by your customer OR
  • A telecom looking to collect monthly dues OR
  • Any other industry looking to streamline your period collections from your customers or partners.
xtendSMARTREPAY is a platform that enables you to :
  • Provide a single platform across your multiple business lines & products to setup options for period collections for money due.
  • Provide the necessary out of box integrations with standard as well as evolving instruments & options including e-mandate, scanned NACH, PDC etc among others.
  • Enable you to associate multiple options of instruments with each customer, and enable you to select the most current & valid instrument at time of presentation of the instrument.
  • Enable you to track the presentation flows to acceptance, and provide fallback options if an instruments fails on acceptance.
  • Provide a complete view of all your incomings - expected vs actual across all your business lines.

Experience the power of the xtendSUITE, and explore a nimble way to xtend efficiency & effectiveness of your backend teams.

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