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Our team comprises of experienced Quality Assurance resources who have worked primarily in the financial services around lending product suites - be it Loan Origination systems, Loan management systems, collections etc.
You could deploy these resources for any project implementation that needs software acceptance , and you can be rest assured that the team will come up with all possible scenarios to test that your business users can ratify, and will execute the same and provide necessary reporting back on the quality of software releases made available to them.

Every organization would have 1 or more systems that goes through continuous change - due to the continued need to evolve in line with market needs. While functional testing is mostly taken care by ensuring the new changes are thoroughly tested, what typically gets missed out are regression testing - which provides an assurance that key calculations & processing is not impacted by these changes.
Our automated testing suites will enable you to automate your key processes testing such that every release - whether impacting it or not - are verified in a short time, and give you the assurance that nothing untoward would break in production system for the new releases.
We also have out of box test standard scripts available for a few leading loan management suites that could reduce time & effort to implement.

While our primary focus has been building flexible but targeted solutions based on micro services architecture, in our implementations, we see gaps in overall operational efficiency flows as systems are not always integrated for end to end flows. A lot of these gaps in integrations or workflows is met by email conversations - leading to a loss of overall view of the end to end flow.
We help organisations implement BPM workflows that enable them to:

  • Get an end to end view of a business processes definition & execution - especially if they span multiple systems.
  • Move the organization to a task based process execution model - enabling them to measure their internal as well as external SLAs, and benchmark the same.
  • Enable more flexibility in changing to the evolving business needs - without major development effort.

Experience the power of the xtendSUITE, and explore a nimble way to xtend efficiency & effectiveness of your backend teams.

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